3D Roulette

3D roulette offers a unique online casino experience. It allows you all of the advantages of playing roulette online, but literally brings the roulette wheel out of the screen to create a real-life Vegas casino experience.

The game of 3D roulette was create specifically for online casinos as a way to try and bridge the gap between the online casinos and land-based casinos. The game begins much like any other classic game of roulette. Players place their bets from a choice of five inside bets and five outside bets. Once your bets have been placed you will need to click on the “Spin” button on the screen to get the wheel rolling.

This is where 3D roulette takes the roulette game to a whole new level of online casino play. The roulette wheel rises out of the screen to create an amazingly realistic 3D view of the wheel. As an online player you will have the option to watch the 3D motion of the wheel or to watch the wheel in a 2D view from a camera. [Read more...]

Roulette Betting Systems

There are many betting systems that have both found and lost favour over the generations, and quite frankly when applied to games of pure chance they are either quite useless – or in the worst cases, quite dangerous. Sometimes some people have found that they have for a while been able to increase their winnings by using them. For instance Charles Wells (the man who supposedly broke the bank at Monte Carlo) who used a version of one of the most famous ones won the equivalent of millions of pounds at today’s currency values, however he eventually lost it and a lot more besides. [Read more...]

What role online casinos plays nowadays?

In the recent years development in the field of gambling has increased to unimaginable level. Also his has greatly influenced the importance of money in playing games. Money does matter a lot in making of any game. Also once the game is modified into totally technically supportive to the players its popularity reaches beyond contentions. So it is the duty of the players to utilize the opportunity effectively. Online casino is one of recent developments in the field of gambling. Also this has enhanced the intention of the people to have their skills displayed at the perfect platform. Also this game helps people to discover the skills of intellectual thinking. This may be considered as one of the prime motives of the game. The online casino involves the utilization of the Internet facilities to carry out the required money transaction as made by any other payment module offered. The game also includes the development of other related fields such as banking sector and telecommunication widely based on the different types of the advancements in individual casino centres present all over the world. This can be utilized for the betterment of the overall game in a more organized manner with the use of available technology. [Read more...]

Learning poker from TV

There’s so much poker on TV these days – from televised tournaments such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, to celebrity poker tournaments, and poker reality TV shows. Poker also makes appearances in movies, and in general TV shows as a plot device. i think it was  an interesting expierence with 888 poker Nation Cup, when it was played with teams from around the world.

Learning how to play poker online from TV shows is a bad idea, though. The poker shown on TV is unrealistic in many ways, and if you model yourself after the poker players you see on TV, you will develop many bad habits.

The poker that you see on TV has been heavily edited. The average viewer does not want to see a real poker game. That would be boring. Real poker games consist of lots and lots of folding. When the producers of a poker TV show are selecting the hands to show, they pick the few dramatic ones; the ones where the pot is huge, or the one or two bluffs that were made over the entire night. This creates the impression that poker contains more big pots, bluffs, and tense hands than it really does. [Read more...]

Casinos Launching iPhone Gambling Apps

The gambling industry has come a long way in the last couple of decades.  Since online casinos were first launched by Microgaming in 1994, hundreds of them have emerged on to the market all trying to offer different games, software, jackpots and VIP promotions for players.

One of the biggest developments for online gambling since 2000 has been improvements in software and usability.  The introduction of Flash software and Java has enabled casinos to offer instant play casinos, i.e. the ability to gamble real money in the casino games without having to download any software to your PC.  Many online casinos have also responded to changes in the market by providing both Mac-friendly, Linux and other compatible software downloads. [Read more...]