Types of Online Bingo Games

There are a wide variety of online bingo games available for play. Most of these games will fall into one of the following categories. Knowing what these types of bingo entail are important so you don’t get into a game that you don’t think you’ll enjoy.
One type of online bingo variety is five in a row. This is perhaps the most additional form of bingo. Its name relates to the five letters that are used to spell the word bingo. When playing five in a row bingo the chips can be arranged in a number of patterns. This would include horizontally, diagonally and vertically.
Speed bingo is another type of bingo game. In this variation the numbers are called out very quickly. Also in this game it does not take as many numbers to have a match as other bingo varieties. In fact in some games you can win with as low as three numbers.

One variety of bingo requires that every square in the card be covered in order for the player to win. This variation is often referred two is black out bingo. Some online bingo sites will also call it coverall bingo.
Progressive bingo is an exciting bingo game. This game features a jackpot that increases over multiple games until some lucky winner wins it. Typically when playing at an online bingo site progressive jackpots are one more frequently than they are in land based casinos. Usually when a player chooses to play a progressive bingo game they might have to pay an additional fee. This of course would just depend upon the site.
Texas blackout is another variation of the blackout game. When the first number is called out it will be their odd or even. Depending upon which has called you would cover all the numbers like that. For instance, if an even number is called you would cover all the even numbers. If a winner has not been declared than the game would continue as normal but all the spaces must be covered to win.