Battle for a huge jackpot at Gladiator slots

gladiator slotPlaytech developed and released a game called the Gladiator slot video game. It was based on the epic drama starring Russell Crowe. The film is all about one man’s love for his country and family whilst enduring tremendous hardship to stay true to his beliefs and conscience. The game is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot, with great graphics, clips from the actual movie and superb bonus features to what new players can look forward to experience.  

However, what all the slot blog sites and players are all raving about right now is the progressive jackpot. At present the jackpot is more than £694K, and is growing at a tremendous rate!  Every player should be looking to try their luck on the game, as one can never tell, it could be your turn to win big!

In the past progressives were always thought be unattainable, and rigged by the operators. But today, players know that anyone can win jackpots and it is all down to luck and timing. Rigorous testing and licensing regulations ensure that operators adhere to the strictest guidelines. Now, players have access to information via the internet on their laptops, phones, tablets, etc – which means that any whiff of foul play on the part of gaming developers and/or operators would probably ruin their businesses in an instant.

So why not register and have a go now, the thought of all that cash during the Christmas period is enough to make this game the most popular slots over the holidays!