Players spoilt for choice when playing slot games

slot machinesNew players entering the online casino world of playing slots are all delightfully surprised as to the amount of slots games there are to choose from. Years ago, online casino slot games were mostly fashioned after land based casino versions, and then we had game developers thinking up weird and wonderful themes to inspire the creation of new games. Operators were always in search of the next best game to woo players, but anyone in this business will agree that getting that winning formula is forever elusive. No one knows what really makes a game a success. [Read more...]

Holiday Success for Bingo Players

bingo gamesHow was your holiday break? The Christmas and New Year period can be a little hit or miss when it comes to bingo because people are spending time with their family and friends and aren’t necessarily inclined to play online bingo. Sometimes the most popular sites will be quiet for a few days! [Read more...]

What does 2013 hold for online casino bonuses?

casino bonusAs we recover from the excesses of the New Year celebrations, slots players will be hoping to find the best promotions that casino operators are offering for the start of 2013. Players always appreciate online casino bonuses, especially ones that provide value for the player and are strong ongoing offers. Welcome bonuses are great, but if you are like me and have already registered with nearly every casino imaginable, then ongoing player promotions are more interesting. [Read more...]

Forget online casino reviews, progressives are the best thing for 2013

bingo gamesAs we head into the new year, every online casino player will admit to the advantage of having sites that provide an honest look at casinos online. These online casino reviews are not only invaluable to players, but are also a huge help to online casino operators as well. Players rarely have the time to review every single casino and all that they offer, and for the operator, it is a great way of not only getting feedback on their own service but an efficient way of gaining true insight into their competitors. [Read more...]

Highlights of 2012: Events in the Online Casino Industry

best online casinoAs we close out 2012, it’s a good time to review all the events that happened over the past 12 months and speculate what might occur in 2013. Here are a couple of things that had the online casino industry talking…

International developments
The US remained firmly closed for international business, despite promising moves towards a regulated interstate gambling industry. Still, that didn’t seem to faze numerous amounts of operators who spend a good deal of the year forming partnerships and alliances with US-based companies, in preparation for the eventual legalisation of online gambling. [Read more...]