What does 2013 hold for online casino bonuses?

casino bonusAs we recover from the excesses of the New Year celebrations, slots players will be hoping to find the best promotions that casino operators are offering for the start of 2013. Players always appreciate online casino bonuses, especially ones that provide value for the player and are strong ongoing offers. Welcome bonuses are great, but if you are like me and have already registered with nearly every casino imaginable, then ongoing player promotions are more interesting.

Apart from actually going through each site or asking friends, casino blog sites are probably the best way of finding these bonuses.

My favourite type of ongoing promotions are deposit bonuses, prize draws and some operators sometimes promote specific games by giving away free spins. In addition to these, a strong loyalty programme is always a great way of getting value for your spend and making the whole playing experience much better. Loyalty or VIP programmes are true indicators on much operators value their players. These schemes can offer a range of extras, from quicker withdrawal methods and personal attention to birthday presents and golfing trips – depending on your spend!

Online casinos today have to be very competitive, and as a result, players can benefit by taking the time and effort to review and consider all options before playing at the casinos that suit them best. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of doing this, as every casino is slightly different in terms of range of games, look and feel etc. And players’ feelings on a casino can be quite different depending on what you want and expect, so blogs sites can steer you in the right direction, but at the end of the day, you still have make a bit of an effort!

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