Forget online casino reviews, progressives are the best thing for 2013

bingo gamesAs we head into the new year, every online casino player will admit to the advantage of having sites that provide an honest look at casinos online. These online casino reviews are not only invaluable to players, but are also a huge help to online casino operators as well. Players rarely have the time to review every single casino and all that they offer, and for the operator, it is a great way of not only getting feedback on their own service but an efficient way of gaining true insight into their competitors.

This type of information is usually best taken, not just from a review site, but from casino blog sites that not just provide reviews, but player feedback on a continuous basis. Everyone will admit, this information is great for new players and can also protect/forewarn players about specific casino promotions and offers. But as one settles down into a routine of going to their favourite casinos, reviews are not necessarily what is the prime consideration.

For me, what is of great interest to me are the progressive jackpots and where I feel comfortable in spending my time and cash trying to catch that elusive life changing jackpot. At present, there are three slot games with more than €500K to be won. There is Gold Rally and Beach Life steadily climbing to the magical million mark. The third game is the Gladiator and assuming no one is lucky enough to hit the jackpot, this pot will be worth over million euros in 2013!

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