Iron Man progressive jackpot keeps on growing

Slots are a great pastime, and are the most popular product in all casinos. It is easy to see why, there is long tradition of slots in land based casinos, and it has followed suit in online casino sites. The games are easy to play, and even if a player does not hit the jackpot, small frequent wins make the experience pleasant with at least a small outside chance of winning big. More recently, casino operators and gaming developers have place more focus on quality of game, themes and progressive jackpots. Slot blog sites have a never ending list of comments from players not only appreciating the way slots games have improved, but the mega progressive jackpots that are available.

One of the best examples of how far slots games have come is the Iron Man slot game. The game is based on the super successful movie Iron Man and players will already know that the second version of the game has already been released and exceeding all expectations. Great graphics, audio sound, bonus features and clips from the actual movie make it one of the best games out there.

But that is not all the game has going for it. There is also a ever growing massive progressive jackpot associated with the slots video game. At the time of writing this article, the jackpot stood at a whooping £148,000 and quickly growing! So have a go and who knows, it could be you winning the jackpot and retiring!