Wondering how wonderful the world of wonderland slot game is

play Alice's wonderland slotIt is always a great feeling when one comes across something that really captures the  imagination. What especially adds to that feeling is when it is totally unexpected, and this is precisely what I felt when I started to play Alice’s Wonderland slot game! The five reel, 20 payline video slot game was developed and released by Ash Gaming. This company has been around for a long time, and one of the first true game developers to enter the online gaming space.

The game itself is based on the popular Alice in Wonderland children’s story, which at first may or may not be appealing to players. However, statistics and the success of the game from its release proves that it is very popular and the game’s attractiveness does not diminish over time. But it is not just the wonderland and Alice’s presence, the bonus features in the game are cool and exciting.

There is the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Bonus, Pocket Watch, Rabbit Hole Bonus and a Progressive jackpot; all are fabulous features of the game which one would have to be a Mad Hatter not to like! The progressive is won when the player is awarded the Tea Party Bonus and  one of the characters in the bonus feature adds sugar to their tea.

The Pocket Watch Bonus is one of my all time favourites and when looking through posts in slot blog sites, there are quite a number of players that agree with me. Anyways, in this feature, one can get from seven to twenty free spins. And what really gets me is the great feeling of getting the maximum of free spins and then seeing how each spin wins cash!

So whenever you feel the need for being wonderful and winning loads of cash, try the wonderful Wonderland slots game.